Man Can’t Stop Recounting His Lunch To Everyone In The Office

A Local Man can’t seem to get his lunch off his mind as he repeatedly recounts the details to uninterested colleagues. This has gone on even as lunch has become a vague memory for the rest of the office. We turned to his annoyed coworker, Linda, to get the full scoop.

“This guy isn’t exactly great at conversation but today his lack of interesting topics has truly reached new levels of averageness. No matter what we’re talking about he finds a way to pivot back to his lunch. For example, I was trying to have a conversation with Ted from accounting about the Federal Reserve’s role in inflation and Local Man interjects ‘You know what’s not inflated? The price of the sub I had today.’”

… We are stopping the story here on account of how terrible that pun was.

We give this story a: F*

*Ratings are based on quality of the Local Man’s Pun