Local Teenage Girl Mistakes Goodcents For A Perfume Shop


Earlier this week, a local girl entered a Goodcents mistaking it for a perfume shop. We can only hypothesize at this point, but we believe she heard the name and thought it was spelled “Good Scents.” (That or she just followed the smell of cookies?) While this is a surprisingly common mistake, it gets more complicated when you consider the fact that the girl never seemed to catch on. We talked to the slicer to get more on this strange mix-up. “She came up and asked me what I would recommend. Naturally, I suggested the Penny Club on White. It wasn’t until she asked if that would have copper undertones that I knew something was up,” the slicer told us. “Especially since most pennies are made of zinc.”

The cashier reported that it only got weirder from there. He told us, “She received her sub and immediately shoved her nose into it. She then told me that she really liked the notes of fresh-baked bread.” The girl never took a bite of her sub. In fact, we received information that she sat rubbing the sub on her forearms and neck for about 10 minutes before leaving. The slicer said while he hopes she enjoyed the smell that, “Anyone who confuses Goodcents with Good Scents is obviously lacking one thing: common sense.”

We give this story a: D+

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