Local Mom Demands Free Goodcents For A Year

Today a local mom received her delivery order 5 minutes after the estimated time of arrival. This small error has emboldened her to believe she now deserves free Goodcents for an entire year. “The facts of this case are simple. I placed an order online and was told it would be here at 2:30 but by 2:31 it had not arrived. Any reasonable person would expect this inconvenience to be resolved by free Goodcents for a year.”

The manager at store #135 had a different take. “Of course we want all our guests to feel satisfied with our service. That’s why, despite our delivery drivers insistence that he was there at 2:30, we offered her free delivery on her next order and a promise to do better,” the manager said.

Due to the contentious nature of the claim, we turned to our on-the-streets investigator, Detective Ted Stalker, to get the full scoop. “I was already staking out the local mom’s house for reasons I can’t disclose here. What I can tell you is that the Goodcents delivery car pulled into that driveway at exactly 2:30,” Detective Stalker said.

“However, the driver did stay in his car until 2:35 at which point he made his way to the front door,” Stalker concluded. “In his defense, there was a rather threatening squirrel lurking on the tree next to his car door.” The delivery driver corroborated the story saying, “I didn’t even know squirrels could bark until today.” Local Mom has stood her ground on this issue. Meanwhile, the manager at store #135 is trying to reach a compromise on this issue. We will be sure to keep you updated as this story develops. **

We give this story a: C+*

*Ratings are based on how trustworthy our sources are.
**It is doubtful we will follow up.